Please Call Before Stopping By

August 29th, 2022 – Post #51

Erica and I Call This Lower Part, “Induction Hill”, Because We Made Quite a Few Treks Up and Down It (In The Snow) When She Was Still Pregnant with Lily and My Flight Out of Aspen Was Fast-Approaching.

There’s a Different Form of “Labor” Going on These Days – Here in St. Louis.

Thank you for your prayers and concern. My mom was able to sleep quite a bit yesterday and last night.

She called me this morning, so that was encouraging. Yesterday, when my dad put the phone up to her ear, she wasn’t coherent enough to speak.

She’s still pretty worn out and needing more sleep, so she probably won’t be “working the switchboards” with quite the zeal she’s accustomed to. We’ll try to keep you posted here while she rests.

I want to thank her Sunday School class for all the love and support they have shown to her over the years and especially yesterday. I know you all mean a lot to my parents, and I’m sorry you had such a scare. It sounds like, despite the circumstances, it was also a very precious time. Thank you to everybody who was a part of making her more comfortable and getting her home.

I don’t think I know anybody more socially inclined than my mother. She’s loved people stopping to see her, but at this time, it’s probably best to call first.

Part of that is for the sake of her needing more rest, and part of it is just practical.

Immobility doesn’t exactly mesh well with two giant windows at the front of the house when certain functions need to be accomplished. For the sake of decorum, I’ll just say that there aren’t curtains to draw closed across those picture windows – and let you draw your own conclusions about why it’s best from here on out to predetermine a time for visiting. It’s truly nothing personal toward anyone.

Thanks for being understanding about that.

Much love, Jody

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