She’s Confused and Forgetful; but We’re Thankful She’s Smiling

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August 30th, 2022 – Post #52

She’s awake and smiling, albeit a little confused and forgetful. Her stomach decided to “send her food back up” before bed; but she seems better now.

Last night I was thinking we can sure never know what a day will bring. I certainly had no intention to wind up flying over the ocean when I woke up in the Rockies yesterday . Airlines don’t always follow the same flight patterns as crows, I suppose – at least when it comes to making connections.

Seeing so many people in the terminals, and then heading over the deep blue sea from LAX, looking down on the waves, sand, and buildings below, it amazes me to think that God knows each of us intimately – even to the point of being able to number every hair on each of our heads.

He also knows our sorrows, hopes, and fears.

I’m grateful for the way the Lord provided the means and path to get me back to St Louis – taking care of even the smallest details (i.e. I booked a last minute flight, thinking I’d try to take the shuttle from Erica’s down to the airport; but was running out of time and wasn’t sure how long it would take to change buses, where to do it, etc… and was starting to feel stressed – right about then her neighbors arrived from their weekend trip to Wyoming and were able to get me to the airport in time). It’s moments like those, when I’m tempted to be anxious, that I end up amazed at how God takes care of what concerns me when I entrust things to Him.

Thank you for all the love and support you all have shown. Jody

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