My Mom Had an Episode

Just when we thought her condition was becoming a little more manageable…

August 28th, 2022 – Post #50

I just wanted to give a quick update – especially to assure those who have heard about this morning’s incident.

I don’t know all the details; but it sounds like my parents were at Sunday School when my mom became rather unresponsive and was breathing rapidly.

She hadn’t eaten breakfast before leaving the house, so I think the root of the problem was a drop in her blood sugar.

They found some blue frosting to give her, which seemed to help perk her back up.

Erica said, “I can just picture the paramedics being called and panicking upon seeing her blue lips – wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake”.

Since she seemed to recover, they brought her home, and she’s resting now.

Thank you for praying. It’s kind of a helpless feeling when you get news like that while so far away – I’m in Colorado right now, and Erica is out of the country. Thankfully things have settled down.

Ajax Mountain – Aspen, Colorado

I’m grateful God assures us there is nothing we need to be anxious about and calls His children not to walk in fear. I’m praying for wisdom and direction about how long to stay here.

The Top of the Gondola – Ajax Mountain

In the midst of the calls, I headed to the airport here, thinking maybe I just needed to get on a plane. It reminded me of how God got me back to Indiana three years ago from this same place by miraculously letting me change my ticket’s departure and arrival cities and even going on a different day, to be with my mom’s brother, when he was coming near to the end of his time here on earth. God showed Himself mighty on my behalf, and I’m still grateful to all those who prayed I could get there to be with him.

I’m trusting His timing in this, too.

Much love, Jody 🌵🌸🌵🌸🌵🌸

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