Recently, I was invited to attend a birthday celebration online and was told to wear a party hat. I was thinking and thinking about what kind of festive cap I could wear; but was cringing, too, because I hate to bring attention to myself.

Finally, at a total loss for any other ideas, I settled on this fern.

Decorative Image

I’m actually quite frond of this hat.

Sorry, I hope puns don’t make you frown. If they do, you might redirect yourself to a different site before I totally annoy you.

Frankly, I’d rather hide under a house plant than put myself and my writing out for public view; but I’m trying to overcome the habit of burying what I believe I’m supposed to share beneath a proverbial napkin*, so this “Anthology” section is a place for me to put my poems, short stories, and maybe if I get really courageous – some songs.

*Please see verse twenty below for an explanation. 🙂