About Jody Susan Writes

I’ve noticed with lily pads that there can be a lot of them, all attached to one plant. That’s sort of how I see this site.

Some of my current projects include:

More On My Mom

Where I share the journey since my mom’s diagnosis with pancreatic cancer in July of 2021. Laughter is good medicine, and we’ve certainly had a lot of that. Recently, someone gave a very fitting description of my mom by saying, “She is unintentionally funny.” That about sums it up. I doubt anybody really wants to deal with their mom going on Hospice; but she’s made every day feel more like being in the middle of a slapstick sitcom, rather than a depressing melodrama.

Plankeye Publishing

I’m hoping to launch a platform to help people with proofreading and suggestions for improving their writing. Whether it’s spotting typos in copy for a website, or coaching a kid who is homeschooled, I think everyone could use an extra set of eyes on their work – including me.

The concept of “Plankeye” comes from our tendency to see the speck in somebody else’s eye before removing the plank in our own. I know my own writing is often severely flawed with typos and run-on sentences, even after looking it over several times. Somehow, I wind up blind to my own mistakes; but boy, oh boy, can I break out the red pen when it comes to other people’s paragraphs…

I say all that to admit, my writing is far from perfect; but I’ve had a lot of practice at pulling the plank out of my perspective and think I could lend a hand to someone who’s hoping for help with their speck.

Plasticback Books

I believe I started a site by this name about ten years ago, or so – but I dropped it, because I lost the courage to have any kind of public platform. Comments and critiques caught me off guard, and I was far too sensitive to want to stand my ground. So, I quit writing for other people’s eyes – unless it was in the form of a letter.

I’m hoping my spine has solidified somewhat since then, and this is a sort of virtual shelf where I’m hoping to set out my books for public display.

Turtledove Trailers

So, I bought a cargo trailer, and I may, or may not be making plans to move into it. More on this coming soon.

What Is A Care Giver

Here, I plan to chronicle some of the things I’ve learned in my role as a caregiver – from practical tips, to comforting words – and a lot of comic relief mixed into the middle.