Laughter Doeth Good Like Medicine

December 2nd, 2021 – Post #25

If you missed my mom’s Thanksgiving message, click here.

We just wrapped up an appointment with my mom’s nurse practitioner and are waiting for her infusion. They decided to cut back once again on the medication that causes neuropathy during this treatment. For next week’s round they will exclude that particular medication altogether.

My mom , Beth Purcell, in the infusion room for her chemotherapy

After that she will have a scan which will be discussed before the tumor board, then some decisions will need to be made about whether she will be a candidate for surgery, which would take place in January.

Numbness in her left leg has been her biggest issue, and she’s had trouble with her left hip going out when she takes steps, which makes it rather stressful to watch her walk.

Chemo Brain vs Covid Brain

The confusion that has come from “chemo brain” has been rather comical at times. That particular side effect seems to be contagious and spreading to the entire family.

We finally figured out that her wig was on crooked after a few minutes of trying to figure out why it kept parting in the middle instead of on the side. I wish I had taken before and after photos for you.

On Thanksgiving, my dad’s friend called, and she said innocently enough, “Oh, did Bud call you to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day?” When she realized what she said, she burst out laughing.

I asked her if I could tell that, and she said, “Oh don’t say that, people will think I’m stupid!” Then she relented, “Oh well, I guess if you’re telling about ‘covid brain’ go ahead and say it.”

“Don’t you mean ‘chemo brain’?”

We both laughed at that.

Whatever it is, she’s got it.

But laughter doeth good like medicine, so we’re making sure she gets treated with plenty of it – even if it doesn’t always come across completely respectfully. 🤓

She says, “I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.”

I have more evidence that maybe “chemo brain” is contagious…click here to read my confession.

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