Is Chemo Brain Contagious?

December 15th, 2021 – Post #26

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. My mom finished up a cycle of chemo last week, and has another treatment scheduled tentatively for the 30th. In the meantime, the cancer board is planning to meet this Monday to decide upon their recommendations for treatment based on her CT scans. I’m not sure what date we will get word from them.

We were able to travel with her “back home” to Wabash, Indiana, so that she could see a few family members and friends. It was a very last-minute trip, and we knew she’d be tuckered out, and needed to be careful with her immune system being so compromised, so she wasn’t able to see nearly everyone she wanted to. She did get to see her sisters and sister-in-law, which I think was a very special gathering for them.

Dinner at Twenty, the restaurant at the Charley Creek Inn in Wabash with family
My mom, Beth Purcell, with her sister Susie
My dad, Dave Purcell, with my mom’s sister, Marianne Briscoe

She also got to see her former baton-twirling buddy, Sharon, who she spent some winters with, in South Padre; meeting for mocha lattes and walking together on the beach. It seemed one of my mom’s favorite parts about Texas was seeing turtles saved from trouble at the Turtle Rescue Center.

Over the last few years, whenever she’s apologized for moving slow, I’ve tried to encourage her by saying, “There’s nothing wrong with moving slow – think of how much you love turtles.”

Long before her diagnosis, one of my terms of endearment for her became, “Our little rescue turtle”.

So, when she was wearing a green turtleneck the other day, I couldn’t resist making her pose for these pictures. I know she gets sort of discouraged with moving slow and having to depend more on others, but she’s still got the strength to smile – and keep a tough shell.

My mom as “the turtle”
(she’s been moving a little slow)
My mom with a little of “the hair”
(she’s still quick as a hare to laugh or smile)

Her last treatment left her feeling weak and worn out, after the steroids wore off – and she’s dealing with diverticulitis now, and some confusion at times. I know it can be discouraging for her at times.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. She really appreciates it.

Love, Jody

Maybe I’m Developing Dementia…

P.S. I told you before that chemo brain seems contagious – maybe it’s an explanation for why I ran half a pack of gum through the washing machine the other day. I’d recently found a “secret pocket” in my jacket, but subsequently forgot about its existence – or ever carrying gum in there… I’ve been told I ought to wear blue more, but little bits of chewing gum decorating my clothing aren’t quite my style. I tried to look for a silver lining in that mishap and managed to find more than one – in the form of shining wrappers stuck inside my sleeves. At least everything came out smelling minty fresh.

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