Diving into Treatment

August 11th, 2021 – Post #10

My parents met with a surgeon yesterday to discuss future treatment.

A kid leaping into a pool that's far too shallow
Taking a look – then leaping anyway

From what I understand, the tumor is small, but not well located, being at the head of the pancreas (before the stent was placed, it was blocking the flow of digestive juices). Also, there is some concern about its proximity to a blood vessel, (which may lead to constriction of blood flow, if the mass grows).

You can read more on why my mom required a second stent here.

The course of action they have decided to attempt is that my mom will begin a treatment plan of three months of chemo, followed by a whipple surgery, then three more months of chemo.

I believe the next step is to meet with a doctor to discuss the chemo treatments.

In the interim, they are empty nesters for a while again, since Erica and the kids returned to Colorado, Megan went back to her apartment, and I returned to Wabash.

Thank you for your prayers and concern. I’ll try to keep you posted. Love, Jody

Preparing for Chemo

August 25th, 2021 – Post #11

My mom wanted me to thank everyone who has sent cards and food to them. She has been thankful for the encouragement she has received.

Her port was installed today, and she plans to start chemo tomorrow. Right now she’s scheduled for three weeks on, one week off for three rounds.

Do you know what are considered bad gifts for cancer patients? The answer surprised me.

To read more on my mom’s cancer journey from the beginning, or share it, please click below:


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