Recovering from the Stent

August 5th, 2021 – Post #6

Beth Purcell St. Louis, Mo recovering from pancreatic stent
My mom, Beth Purcell, with her puppy

You can read about more on my mom’s biopsy here.

Thank you for your concern, prayers, and encouragement. My mom is still recovering from having the stent put in her pancreas. The doctor said to expect lingering symptoms of pancreatitis for a week post-op.

Today was a big day for her – she was able to eat a milk saturated graham cracker and said it tasted “so good” – and added, “I finally feel like I have a little bit of an appetite.”

She’s still pretty weak and needing sleep and rest. We took her to a friend’s pool yesterday, and she gauged her status by saying, “You know I don’t feel good, because I was too tired to get in the pool.”

She has an appointment Tuesday to discuss treatment options. Her doctor said the tumor is adenocarcinoma. It sounds like it is small, but in a spot that blocks the duct flow (she was told that if it was at the other end, instead of the head, it could be much more easily removed).

You can read more on my mom and the complications that came with her stent here.

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