Of Dust and Ashes

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This is a poem I wrote during a particularly difficult season of great discouragement.

I hope that it blesses you and offers comfort in some way:

"Of Dust and Ashes"

by Jody Susan

Today I watched a light show

There was glitter everywhere

Sparkles spinning round the room

As they scattered through the air

What looked like fireworks floating

Perhaps tiny bits of gold

Was something rather worthless

No one ever bought nor sold

For it was but dust, but dust

Tiny cast offs in the air

Yet a beam of glorious light

Is what made me stop and stare

On a bed of languishing

With discouragement to bear

‘Twas then my Savior showed me

A sweet answer to my prayer

For my hands are full of dust

All that’s left of what I’ve done

What I sought so hard to hide

Is now dancing in the sun

A picture of His promise

I’ve heard many times before

For dust is what we’re made of

But He always makes us more

Though dust is so unwanted

Bought by neither you nor I

To Him it is so precious

And the reason that He died

It was a good reminder

Of the offer from His Word

That when we give Him ashes

Then a miracle occurs

I’ll trade you for your ashes

And give beauty you will see

Just give me what you’ve ruined

And I’ll show you My Glory

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan

Here’s a post, if you happen to be one of the many people who deals with discouragement:


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