My Journey to Become a Writer 01/27/2024 Post #27

What Did I Accomplish Today to Be a Writer?

It warmed up enough today for me to actually open my windows and let in some fresh air. That waft of nature, along with the luxurious mystery of the fog drew me out of doors, convincing me that it was a good morning to run some strides, walk, and allow my mind to think through a plan, rather than just rush off on tangents and To-Do Lists.

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It is so good for me to walk and think. I had a bit of a revelation – mostly that I have been writing in a reactionary manner. I haven’t made a real plan – at least not one I’m willing to stick with.

I remember in high school playing in a tennis match, and I was completely in defensive mode. I didn’t strategize, I just returned the ball, playing with a reticence that could have been confused with fear. At some point, I realized, “I am a better player than this.” I was letting my opponent dictate the game, and decided to make a turn around, going into “attack-mode”, if I can describe myself that way and still sound somewhat feminine.

Anyway, that change in mentality changed the game. Instead of standing back, just lobbing the ball back over the net, I started smashing it into corners, or intimidating line-drives. Suddenly, the game got fun, instead of scary, and I wound up winning decidedly.

I feel like that’s the kind of attitude I need to have toward my writing, this website, and my overall business model. I’ve been way too reactionary, trying to accommodate and adjust to whatever whims I interpret as needs and emergencies, rather than setting a plan in place and going after it.

Today, I’m deciding to make a turn-around. I believe I need to make a business plan, including a budget that is proactive, instead of me prying dollars out of my own hands, trying to convince myself it’s okay to invest something in what I’m trying to accomplish.

As for actual writing, I did Day 27 of the 100 Words a Day Writing Challenge 2024 through LA Writer’s Lab.  

What Am I Afraid of Doing Next in My Journey as a Writer?

I faced a big fear today in finally coming to grips with the source of my stress: running out of resources – or squandering what I have (or being seen that way).

Stuff I find myself saying: I need to make a plan and a budget – and stick with them. 

How Am I Balancing the Different Aspects of Being a Writer?

I realized I need to tap the brakes as far as social media is concerned. It’s like I have been trying to convince customers to come into my store when the inventory is scattered everywhere, or is completely missing or non-existent.

What I’m Doing About Building a Body of Work as a Writer

I did decide today to go ahead with my plans to have my book professionally edited. I was beginning to talk myself out of that; but I think it would be good to have someone who has no idea of my background read the book and implement their editing skills. Besides, if editing is something I’d like to do as a service, I need to know what it’s like to experience the process.

What I’m Doing to Complete My Manuscripts as a Writer

I sent a copy of my manuscript to someone who is in my story, so that I could get their input and perspective – and hopefully their approval.

What I’m Doing to Grow My Website as a Writer

Today was a big hurdle, because I met with my social media consultant, and he was able to help me figure out how to add in a contact form to my sidebar. This is one thing I haven’t been able to figure out on my own – mostly because of fear and lack of confidence, I think. I had no idea where that information would land, and was scared it would somehow get lost in cyber space.

Together we figured out where it would get fed and how I could use it from there.

Now people can type in their name and email address and pick different categories they’d like updates on.

What I’m Doing to Build My Blog as a Writer

My social media consultant was helpful as far as helping me think through getting a posting plan and scheduling it ahead of time.  

What I’m Doing About Networking as a Writer

I’m not sure. Today I just really wanted to pull back and think. I did have a good talk with my dad about making a business plan, and talked with Dave Phillips, who does coaching, about implementing some of my goals. Sometimes having to verbalize what’s in my head helps me to get more clarity.

What I’m Doing About Monetization as a Writer

Adding the contact form to my sidebar will give me a way to contact people when I have products or services available.

What I’m Doing About Social Media as a Writer

When I met with my social media consultant today, I explained my thoughts on wanting to wait a little bit before making a big push on various platforms. We did decide to remove my Pinterest and Twitter icons from the social media footer at the bottom of my homepage. Basically, at this point, I don’t plan on being active on those platforms, so I don’t want to direct people there. I still have my name place held in both; but I would rather get more established in areas where I’m more comfortable, before promoting places where I’m totally out of my element.

He also pointed out the option to have a “call to action” button on my Facebook business page and showed me how to use it.

What I’m Doing About Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Writer

I don’t want to hand my writing over to AI; but one thing I may start using Chat GPT for would be to generate a suggestion list of hashtags for my posts, because I’m unsure of how to do this from my own head. I’m still thinking through this idea.

What I’m Doing to Stay Organized as a Writer

My desire is to create a budget and a business plan to help me stay on track, instead of being tempted to just put out fires.

Looking Back at My Writing Journey

I feel like my walk this morning was a journey in itself. Getting quiet is so important for processing thought and gaining direction. It’s amazing how much insight can happen in a half hour outside (with no incoming noise or suggestions). I hope to add more silence to my daily routine. I think that will do wonders for my writing progress – and my stress level.

Any Other Thoughts on Becoming a Writer, Random Rants, Tales, or Trials…

So, maybe this is totally gross; but it’s been a super long time since I’ve cut my toenails, because I couldn’t find my clippers in the chaos of multiple moves. Today, I tracked them down. As I looked at the new growth coming in, there was a drastic difference between it and the top two-thirds that were still there. It wasn’t as drastic as this picture from 12 nail changes a dermatologist should examine (; but there was a line that looked like something had majorly changed in my state of health:

Informative Image
According to this site, stress can stop or slow nails from growing normally. I think I was under an enormous amount of stress the last year from caregiving and helping my dad get ready for his three-year cruise. Slowing down is probably why the lower part of my nails look a lot healthier.

I guess that could have ended up in the “facts about me” category; but I can’t tell if telling about my toenails would be a fun fact, or a not so fun one. Mostly, it may just be too much information. Any-who –

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan


I'm not sure what to say here: I once got second place in a dog-look-alike-contest? I know how to fold a fitted sheet? I'm pretty much a poster child for social backwardness - at least as far as social media is concerned; but I have some stories I think I'm supposed to share and am attempting to do that here, in this space.

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