My Journey to Become a Writer 01/19/2024 Post #19

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It’s late, and it’s been a long day, so I’m going to veer away from my posting recipe a little and just say I did the 100 word writing challenge, participated in Quiet Fridays with L.A. Writers’ Lab, finally got Wi-Fi installed (despite the snow), hooked up my printer, and after having several debacles (which I will probably disclose tomorrow), got my manuscript printed…

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s been “Coming Soon” for a long time now. I started this book back in October of 2019. I can’t tell you how many manuscripts I’ve completed.

At this point, I think I will do more damage than good, if I poke and prod at it much more, so I’m handing it off for the next phase – the red pen of a perfect stranger.

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan


I'm not sure what to say here: I once got second place in a dog-look-alike-contest? I know how to fold a fitted sheet? I'm pretty much a poster child for social backwardness - at least as far as social media is concerned; but I have some stories I think I'm supposed to share and am attempting to do that here, in this space.

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