My Journey to Become a Writer 01/04/2024 Post #4

What Did I Accomplish Today to Be a Writer?

I wrote. A lot. It was one of those days where I lost all track of time and forgot to eat. My blood sugar started to take a nose dive; but at least I got something that had been sitting in my draft pile since June finally published.

Stuff I find myself saying: I’m so thankful to have a spot to write.

– Jody Susan

How Am I Balancing the Different Aspects of Being a Writer?

Today I made a decision to continue to block off the first half of my days (for now) and only open caregiving slots in the afternoon.

Knowing I will face this list of questions each day helps me not get too lopsided.

Day 4 01/04/2024 How To Become a Writer: a Daily Journal From A Small Potato Starting From The Ground Up

Trivia Question: It’s 7:59 P.M. Why am I just now starting this?

Answer: I told myself I would. Maybe that was stupid; but there you have it.

What I’m Doing About Building a Body of Work as a Writer

I completed Day 4 of the 100 Words a Day Writing Challenge 2024 through LA Writer’s Lab.

I completed a post about the competition writers are worrying about with AI. If you want to read about the “conversation” I had with Chat GPT, here’s the link.

What I’m Doing to Complete My Manuscripts as a Writer

Still taking a break – which is a huge benefit, because it’s very easy to get stuck in my head. I just finished reworking “About Trees” for probably the fifth time – and it’s time to step away for a bit, to see the forest for the trees.

What I’m Doing to Grow My Website as a Writer

I tried to look at why my G4 analytics has stopped working; but then worried I’d end up wasting more time.

If anybody reading this knows how to get G4 going, please leave a message in the comments, and I’ll get back to you. I’m in over my head on this one… but then again, maybe I should just be blogging blindly, and not focus on feedback from the internet machine.

What I’m Doing to Build My Blog as a Writer

I finally faced the virtual pile of rough drafts on my WordPress dashboard. I had seventeen posts that I’d started and then stepped away from. Pretty embarrassing, and definitely a waste of time. So I categorized them and committed to follow through.

I asked AI: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Find out Chat GPT's surprising answer Branding images with across the bottom. A picture of eggs formed into the shape of a question mark.

Here’s the post I completed on a chat I had with Chat GPT about “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” – and a whole lot of other information I learned during my experimental “conversation” with AI.

Fun Fact About Me: Mistakenly, I kept calling Chat GPT Chad” (you can read about that here) – then upgraded to “Chad GTP“. I’m still not confident that I’m getting it right.

– Jody Susan

What I’m Doing About Networking as a Writer

I’d sent my article about dealing with my mom’s dementia to a content creator who helps families with memory loss. They asked if they could share it with their Facebook support group, and I said yes.

What I’m Doing About Monetization as a Writer


What I’m Doing About Social Media as a Writer

Today I posted the third video from my bushel batch. I already forgot how I’d added the text to the image yesterday, and completely ran out of time to try and give Canva a try. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere.

This content is a far cry from “Yukon Gold” – I can’t think of any other kind of potato right now, except the small, red ones – and I am blushing, so that’s probably the best description! (I’m trying to get the courage to add in exclamation points – since I confessed before that I cringe to use them. Can you tell by my voice in this video how little inflection I’m using? It’s hysterically pathetic to me how reticent I can be when I’m doing something uncomfortable. How am I possibly going to face recording an audiobook?!?

What I’m Doing About Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Writer

Instead of being afraid Chat GPT will take away the opportunity to become a writer, I took on AI in a head to head conversation, and I’m pretty sure I outwitted it, even though I can be a bit of a dimwit at times. Check out this post, so you can decide.

What I’m Doing to Stay Organized as a Writer

I filled my mileage book in – halfway…

Looking Back at My Writing Journey

This morning, when I looked over all those rough drafts from last summer and thought about how chaotic life kept being, it filled me with gratitude once again that things have finally slowed down some.

Recently, somebody was worrying I might get snowed in this Winter – at this point, that sounds delightful.

Any Other Thoughts on Becoming a Writer, Random Rants, Tales, or Trials…

I love it. I really do.

What about you? Leave a comment if you’d like to weigh in with your own answers to these questions.

Thanks for reading, Jody Susan


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