My Journey to Become a Writer 04/22/2024 Post #113

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I’m getting to this super late in the day; but just thought I’d hop on and say a few things for the sake of being disciplined.

What Did I Accomplish Today to Be a Writer?

I did Day 113 of the 100 Words a Day Writing Challenge 2024 through L.A. Writers’ Lab.  

I tried to participate in my Monday Memoir Alumni group; but because I had an appointment squished up against our session, I decided to log in via my phone while sitting in a parking lot, which turned into quite a fiasco. For one thing, my car alarm went off, then my radio came on at full volume, and then the hands free speaker started taking over. The next thing I knew, State Farm’s safe driver hijacked my phone speaker and then deprived me access to the Zoom dashboard – I suppose to keep me undistracted (even though I was sitting in the passenger seat of a parked car).

I finally figured out that if I turned Bluetooth off, I could be a part of the discussion; but I was feeling pretty disheveled by that point in time.

Moving on:

My Current Home Management Strategies to Help Stay Organized as a Writer

I’m hoping to cover home management on Mondays. Keeping my “environment” clutter free and running smoothly relieves a lot of stress and distraction when it comes to writing and trying to build a business. Today I didn’t get to my normal cleaning or yard work routine; but with my dad’s help was able to move several items out of storage and get them set up in my home, so that was a big accomplishment toward being more settled.

It’s super late, so I’m signing off.

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan

99 days ago it was seven degrees below zero. Today I kept saying “brrr”, even though it was in the sixties. This look back gives some better perspective about how the weather is warming up. Hopefully my writing will follow suit…

I am thankful to have Wi-Fi, so I can stay home to share my work


I'm not sure what to say here: I once got second place in a dog-look-alike-contest? I know how to fold a fitted sheet? I'm pretty much a poster child for social backwardness - at least as far as social media is concerned; but I have some stories I think I'm supposed to share and am attempting to do that here, in this space.

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