Sunset & Hair Loss

September 13th, 2021 – Post #15

Sunset in Wabash, Indiana
Sunset on my grandparent’s farm

Tonight I was thinking about my mom, and this poem, written by my mom’s mom, came to mind; so I thought I would share it here:


Tonight I watched the sun set,

Beautiful it was in hues of red and gold;

’Twas then the thought did strike me

That I am growing old!

In youth the sun shone brightly

In a cloudless sky.

Middle age, high noon,

Only a few shadows passing by.

And now, as I see the sun

Sinking in the west,

I wonder how long ‘twill be

Before I find that perfect rest.

No troubles, sorrows or regrets

Will be on that fair shore –

Only eternal peace

For me forever more.

May my life be as the evening sun,

Beautiful to see;

Leaving color streaked pathways,

Reminding folks of me.

– Elizabeth “Libby” H. Miller

(aka Grandma Woody) 🌅

Me from the future: I read this poem at my mom’s funeral on May 17th, 2023.

Cutting Off My Mom’s Hair Before Chemo Makes It All Fall Out

In my last post, I showed you her new wig. She decided to have me cut the rest of her hair off, since it is falling out in clumps. I was pretty emotional about cutting off her pretty white hair…

September 18th, 2021 – Post #16

Here are some pictures of my mom just before and after I cut her hair on Thursday. 🌻

Preparing to cut off my mom's hair because it's falling out from chemo
My parents, Dave and Beth Purcell, on their back deck

My mom's hair was falling out in clumps from chemotherapy, so I cut it very short.  I was dreading doing this; but I think she looks pretty cute - especially with that smile.
Cutting my mom’s hair when she started chemo wasn’t something I was looking forward to; but I think she looks pretty cute

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