She’s Gone Viral

January 12th, 2023 – Post #64

My mom and her puppy. The other day, she said something like, “Well, this isn’t my dog – this one looks old!”

Between the reaction to the videos I posted of my mom on her Facebook page, and the bad cough she’s developed, the best description right now would probably be to say, “She’s gone viral.” 

“Saint Louis is in Indiana???” – Beth’s Big YouTube Debut
Some of my mom’s memories…

I’m not sure if what she has is contagious, or if it’s from being mostly immobile; but we don’t want to take the chance of spreading it, so we aren’t really having visitors right now. 

Her time on the phone probably needs to be limited for a while too, since speaking irritates her cough. It’s okay to call; but probably best to keep conversations pretty quick – at least for a few days.

In the meantime she’s working on her basketball shots.  Based on the piles of Kleenex landing nowhere near the trash can, one would never know she’s from Indiana.  

Maybe this is her chance to work on that Hoosier trait.

She was able to walk a few times in the last two weeks (with her walker and the help of a gait belt), so that’s a big improvement, since she was hardly able to stand for a couple of weeks, even with two people supporting her.  

Sometimes, that’s still an issue – her weakness seems to come in waves.

She still has us laughing.  I think her caregiver described her best by saying, “She is unintentionally funny.”

She truly is.

And now she’s 81…

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