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A Word of Praise to Multi-Lingual Writers

I completely respect people who learn more languages than just their mother-tongue.

I’ve fumbled my way through Spanish, and learned a tiny bit of Latin.

In college, my focus was Ancient Greek, but it’s still Greek to me.

As more and more individuals attempt to do business and communicate internationally, the need increases for smoothing content between countries, by including cultural idioms and correct grammar.

I’m amazed at how people can switch back and forth between verbal expressions, but even more impressed with those who find courage to express themselves in a secondary language through the written word – where tiny mistakes can feel like glaring typos.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of editing tools and digital translators is on the rise and has made a big difference in bridging language barriers, but in some ways, it falls quite short.

Artificial Intelligence may have “Art” at its root, but it can be kind of stiff – and doesn’t always sound so Smart. Sometimes A.I. is just plain overly polite, and people can tell it’s computer-generated.

This can be a real turn-off for readers and potential customers, because what it generates is actually a lack of trust.

Staying Small in a Big World

If people read something that seems robotic, they are likely to cast it aside. For instance, take:

Confusing Word Choice


Backwards Sentence Structure

These are red flags for readers. On the other hand, things like:

Local Lingo

Comical Statements


can really perk people up, because we generally still prefer dealing with someone who’s real.

Every screen is just a click away from being closed, and every book is just a motion short of being shut for good.

Competition is even steeper when a writer creates their work in a secondary language.

ESL Editing

That’s where English as a Second Language Editing comes in.

My hope is to help people who struggle to communicate in American-English, but don’t trust A.I. to do it for them.

I work with individuals to smooth content, helping their words shine naturally, like they’ve been written in their native-tongue.

Consultation Fees

All meetings can be conducted remotely via Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, by phone, or in person, depending on the writer’s location and preference.

*Please share all documents in Microsoft Word with 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-pt. font, double-spaced.

Because language levels vary so widely, I charge an hourly rate for this service, including consultations, time spent on content, and further communication, (such as emails, texts, and calls).

One Hour – Initial Consultation (Remote): $150.00

One Hour – Initial Consultation (In Person): $225.00

Hourly Rate From Then On (Remote) – $200.00

Hourly Rate From Then On (Remote) – $275.00


When an initial consultation is requested, I will send an invoice through QuickBooks. Payment options will include:

Payment options: Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Bank, PayPal, Venmo

Payment is due within fourteen days of requesting a consultation.

I look forward to being helpful,

Jody Susan 🌷

*I do not hold any specific degrees or certificates in teaching English as a Second Language, but have a lot of experience living in bilingual areas.