My Journey to Become a Writer 06/14/2024 Post #166

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Since I forgot about yesterday’s update until this morning, I’m sticking this up now, before I get distracted and don’t get it done.

Most of my day has been spent in the garden or in front of this screen.

What Did I Accomplish Today to Be a Writer?

I did Day 166 of the 100 Words a Day Writing Challenge 2024 through L.A. Writers’ Lab and participated in Quiet Fridays with Alan Watt. The writing prompt he provided was:

As your protagonist, write for five minutes on: “The lie I continually tell myself is…”

Ouch. Even if we’re honest toward others, I think a lot of us tend to play tapes in our head toward ourselves that are just downright cruel. I know I tend to be meaner than any middle school girl I ever encountered when I’m talking to myself in the mirror or evaluating the dreams in my heart and head. Sitting to write that stuff down does make me pause and hopefully change directions.

I spent a great deal of time working on a piece I’m submitting for publication. Pacing is my biggest issue. It’s supposed to be less than 5,000 words, and I need to learn how to wrap things up more succinctly.

This afternoon I made my Instagram posts for the week and pre-scheduled them. This is kind of branching out for me, some I’m not so comfortable on social media; but I do find that I enjoy the creative process.

Please click here, if you’d like to see the video I put up yesterday and listen to the song:

A hammock, strung between two pine trees, swinging in the wind at sunset.
Just whippin’ in the wind

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan

99 Days ago I was showing my laugh lines while thinking about people having trouble expressing empathy because of too many Botox treatments:

Is that rude?


I'm not sure what to say here: I once got second place in a dog-look-alike-contest? I know how to fold a fitted sheet? I'm pretty much a poster child for social backwardness - at least as far as social media is concerned; but I have some stories I think I'm supposed to share and am attempting to do that here, in this space.

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