My Journey to Become a Writer 05/31/2024 Post #152

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It’s the last day of May; but there is still a chill in the air this evening, so I’m going to make this short.

I’m sitting here under the pine trees watching tiny sprigs of corn popping up like pinstripes on a pair of enormous corduroys.

Birds and bugs are making their presence known.

What Did I Accomplish Today to Be a Writer?

I did Day 152 of the 100 Words a Day Writing Challenge 2024 through L.A. Writers’ Lab and also participated in Quiet Friday. Today’s writing prompt from Alan Watt was:

As your protagonist, write for five minutes, beginning with the following:
“The last time I laughed hard was when…”

This past week I’ve been going through the posts I sent out updating friends and family members
on my mom’s journey with pancreatic cancer and increasing dementia. That was a painful, yet
precious time in my life.

Somebody described her as “unintentionally funny”, and that pretty much fit the bill. As I’ve
read through various accounts I’ve laughed hard – from the time her doctor tried to give her a
steroid shot in the hip and found what appeared to be a tip – a wad of cash wedged down the side
of her Depends – To our epic trip to the bathroom at the illustrious Honeywell Arts Center when we
traveled to hear Daniel O’Donnell sing Danny Boy.

I’m so grateful for these words and stories. I feel like this is one of my greatest treasures, and
hopefully it can encourage other people. I keep going back to noticing how the word funny is
mixed up inside the word dysfunctional. What is left? Dsctioal What’s that spell? Alt Disco

Okay, my rear hurts too much to stay in this chair. Time to stand up – if I can

As you can see, sometimes my writing gets a little random. That last line is probably Too Much Information – but I hurt my tailbone the other day – and maybe have some kind of sciatica or something along with it. I’m not sure what all is wrong; but it even hurts too sneeze. Anyway, it’s made life a little challenging as of late…

My Marketing & Distribution Strategies for Publishing & Improving My Platform

I pre-scheduled another batch of Instagram Posts tonight, and I think I figured out how to send them over to Facebook, too.

Here’s today’s installment (please click this link to see the videos):

It was pretty cool to see all these cows coming right through town.

Well, I’d best head to bed.

Thanks for reading what I’m writing,

Jody Susan

I just looked back at this next post, which I wrote 99 days ago, and can I just say that I’m delighted not to feel as stressed as I did way back then?


I'm not sure what to say here: I once got second place in a dog-look-alike-contest? I know how to fold a fitted sheet? I'm pretty much a poster child for social backwardness - at least as far as social media is concerned; but I have some stories I think I'm supposed to share and am attempting to do that here, in this space.

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