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March 29th, 2022 – Post #41

I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so I just wanted to give a quick update:

My mom has been doing much better (as far as getting over the side effects from chemo and radiation); but her fatigue and weakness continue to increase.

A few of her favorite “caregivers” have come to town from Colorado, so that’s been good medicine for her.

One of Oskar’s favorite books right now is “Make Your Bed with Skipper the Seal” by Admiral William McRaven about becoming a Navy SEAL. He’s become a very enthusiastic bed-maker because of it, and we are reaping the benefits – now he volunteers to make all of our beds.

Oskar Displaying His Bed-Making Skills – and he doesn’t even have Beddy’s!

I could tell he’d taken my parent’s bed in hand, because despite there being a marital peace treaty (which dictates that my mom’s extra blanket is not to cross the territorial line mapped out by the middle of the headboard), Oskar had seen to it to distribute the cover evenly on both sides.

I had to laugh, wondering if he was thinking, “I wonder why grandma is being selfish and keeping this whole blanket all for herself?”

As for Lily, here’s some photographic evidence that she isn’t all that enamored with bed-making as a hobby, although she likes having the book read to her and helping to mess up the covers. For now, it doesn’t matter much, because her brother is glad to do if for her – although, at times, they’ve just taken to sleeping next to their beds, so they don’t mess them up and have to start all over again.

Lily’s Blankets After They’d Been Tossed Overboard…
… and Her Pajamas – After They’d Abandoned Ship

And here’s Erica, taking care of the garden beds, sporting her “Daniella Boone/Maritime Modern Camo” look, which is sure to make waves in Aspen. Her comment on this photo was, “You can take the girl out of missouri but you cain’t take no missouri out no girl!”

Erica’s family is used to a much colder climate than my mom, who has pretty much become conjoined to a microwavable bean bag. The other day, they were going out to do some gardening, though my mom had warned repeatedly about how windy and cold it was and entreated them to wait, because it was really too chilly for pansies. Those Colorado people aren’t pansies, so they made their exit, and my mom turned to me and said, “Do I even live here? Nobody listens to me.”

Apparently, her place of residence is up for debate, because we were talking last night about the possibility of staying in a hotel soon. My mom was sort of slumped over against the side of her chair, looking exhausted, when I said, “They have a pool, would you want to try to swim?”

She answered rather despondently, “No, I didn’t bring my suit.”

To which, I laughed, “Well, we haven’t packed yet.”

At that, she sat up a little straighter and looked around, saying, “Oh yeah, I live here, don’t I?”

We both started cracking up – maybe sometimes she wishes she didn’t.

After all she’s been through, I never thought she’d go out of town again; but she surprised us. Click here to read about my mom continuing to travel on Hospice.

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