Kirkwood Woman Wakes Up and Thinks She’s in Webster Groves!!!

February 12, 2023 – Post #67

*Warning: Anybody from Kirkwood might want to cover their ears while reading this latest update.  It’s rather shocking:

My mom woke up this morning thinking she had been moved to Webster Groves!

Don’t get me wrong, Webster is a lovely place; painful as that is for anyone indoctrinated in Kirkwood Pioneer pride, from K through 12, to admit…

I don’t mean to offend anyone from Webster by writing about this new level of confusion…

For those of you unfamiliar with this issue, it’s just that, thanks to the Turkey Day Game (purported to be one of the oldest high school football rivalries West of the Mississippi – or something like that), most anyone swapping zip codes between these two towns is liable to have their mental acuity questioned directly to their face.

And now my mom thinks she has moved to Webster Groves.

After asking if that’s where we are, she said, “Is this some sort of joke?” and wanted to know what we’re doing here.

I explained that we had simply moved her bed into the living room, not to the city of Webster Groves.  

As a Kirkwood kid, I just couldn’t do that kind of thing – not to my own mother.

*I mean no offense by that – and I’m sure some of you from Webster have reciprocating feelings, which I fully support your right to adhere to. 🤓

She did sleep pretty soundly last night.  Her cough has diminished quite a bit, and her lungs sound more clear.  They are still kind of “buzzing” at times, and she’s said, “Listen to me breathe – I sound like a sewing machine.”

It was nice to see the sunshine streaming in on her this morning.  The crocuses are trying to pop up out front, and the squirrels and birds are quite busy.  She loves to watch her cardinals, so that should keep her entertained until Spring training starts, when her other favorite Redbirds will be up to bat once more.

I know they have those same pretty sights in Webster – and I’ll even admit, I think their yards are generally larger over there; but for right now, we’re staying put right here, inside the familiarity of the Kirkwood city limits.

My mom’s puppy, saying “Hi” to the neighbor dogs across the street

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