How To End a Marital Dispute

If you missed my last post – about the surprising discovery my mom’s doctor made – you might want to backtrack a bit.

December 13th, 2022 – Post #60

*My mom DID give me permission to post these pictures. At some point, she might not remember giving her consent; but it was actually her idea for me to take them.

Why did I pick up the camera?

She and my dad had been having yet another discussion about their difference of opinion regarding the proper destiny for fallen leaves.

He maintains they ought to be run over with the lawnmower to feed the soil; she believes every last one ought to be blown away by a professional; or bagged and set alongside the curb.

She was in a bit of a huff about him thinking the flower beds didn’t need to be raked out until Spring when she just so happened to step in front of the mirror.

“You know, before you complain anymore about him not being particular enough about raking the yard, you might want to rake your hair a little.”

She took one look at her reflection and burst out laughing.

A cease fire ensued.

The steroid injections seem to have helped her hip and knee; but she took a spill a few nights ago and is still sore from that fall. I had rearranged some things, thinking I was making them more accessible for her; but like with the leaves, she had her own opinion about how things ought to be set up and was trying to rearrange the furniture.

She’s one determined lady and knows how she likes things! 🙂

I guess the next post has something to do with hair and happiness as well. I’ll give you a hint, borrowing this, instead of buying, can also probably help with marital harmony for some couples.

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